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Professional Diagnosis

Modern vehicles have increasingly sophisticated electronic control systems that require periodic testing and optimisation to ensure the engine's efficiency.

Our state of the art diagnostic- and repair computers contain access data for all car makes and years of construction. In this way, we can quickly and reliably detect faults in your car, fix them and also optimally adjust the engine. Especially in vehicles of recent years, electronics and electrics play an increasingly important role. For us, as a specialist garage, this is no longer a problem. Our software is always up to date. All of our staff members are well trained and visit regular courses in order to stay up to date at all times.

Not all errors cause extra costs

Not every error directly affects the driving characteristics of the car. However, engine performance or the functionality of individual systems can be reduced if the error is severe. Sometimes the vehicle activates an emergency program in order to maintain its functionality. In any case, a workshop should be consulted to have a fault diagnosis carried out.

That's why the workshop is the right place to go.

We know, there are several home use devices and phone apps available which promise that everyone can do the engine diagnostics him-/herself... Maybe you will even be able to see some of the error codes, but what's next? Although reading out the error in the workshop causes some costs, it should not be forgotten that in order to be able to evaluate the data correctly, sound expertise in this area is required. An error code gives the expert an indication of the system in which a fault exists and what type of error it is. Sometimes several error messages co-occur. System knowledge is required to find the actual error. So measurements must be made to ensure that actually a particular component is defective and not just its connection cable. After eliminating the error, the specialist must delete the error code from the error memory.

With 1 Stop Tyre & Service Centre, engine diagnostics don't cost a fortune - and we guarantee you perfect service for your peace of mind.

This is included in the cost of the engine diagnostic service.

The service price includes not only the reading of the fault memory listing with the help of special hardware- and software but also the complete and competent evaluation of the data. With the help of this data, our workshop experts can create a precise fault diagnosis and identify the problem. Sometimes only a few steps are needed to solve the problem. If during the reading of the memory, it has been determined that a repair is necessary, you will receive a separate quotation from us with a cost estimate for solving the identified problems (his estimate is not an obligation to you. YOU decide whether you want us to repair the car). If the repair is carried out in our workshop, the costs for reading out the fault memory are credited to the repair costs. After we have resolved the problem, we will delete the error code from the error memory.

Read errors early and save costs

If you have the fault memory checked regularly on your vehicle, it will be possible to detect faults and defects at an early stage and correct them if necessary, before they can cause significant damage and lead to expensive repair costs. If the indicator flashes on the dashboard of your car, you should bring your vehicle to our 1 Stop Tyre & Service Centre as soon as possible to the fault memory read out. This way you can most likely avoid bigger damage.

If you have any questions about our Diagnostics services, don't hesitate to call us on 01909 485397 or send us a message using our Online Contact Form and we will reply as soon as possible.

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