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Whether your car is loaded or empty, whether you are shunting or driving quickly to the next appointment, whether you are travelling with a roof rack or a trailer or are just changing lanes.

Contrary to popular belief, an intact shock absorber not only provides more comfort but above all, more driving safety! Only with an intact suspension and fully functional shock absorbers, the steering does not flutter, and the driver retains control over his/her vehicle. The braking distance is shortened, and the tyres wear evenly.

Safety - the economy - comfort: three good reasons to have the shock absorbers checked regularly! Here at 1 Stop Tyre & Service Centre, we do not only offer a first class installation service at the right price but also take care of your vehicle's safety. Always and everywhere, your suspension/shock absorbers ensure the right contact with the road. Comfort, safety and sportiness are fundamentally influenced by the shock absorbers.

Have your car's suspension checked for defects or wear because the defects are often not apparent. With the right brand replacement parts, we'll help you get back on track quickly.

The Right Time For A Change

Basically, a high mileage can wear the shock absorbers of the vehicle faster. But also driving on very bad roads or off-road put a strain on the suspension. Perceptible damping behaviour is mainly noticeable through significantly poorer driving comfort and a changed steering behaviour. Also, the leaking lubricant of the shock absorbers can sometimes be seen. Although the changes are only gradually noticeable, they greatly affect driving safety. An exact test of the suspension/shock absorbers can be carried out easily at our 1 Stop Tyre & Service Centre.

Changing Shock Absorbers: Low Cost & Convenient Appointments

Shock absorbers, also called vibration dampers, are subject to high wear and therefore must be changed from time to time. Considering the long durability of today's cars, almost every car owner will face a shock absorber change at some point. Most of our customers are worried about the costs.

Our experts will have a good look at your vehicle and will note what needs doing. Afterwards, we will sit with you, explain what needs to be done and which options we have. We will certainly give you an estimate of the costs. We always do our best to keep the costs for our customers as low as possible, so we are confident, you will be positively surprised.

The Biggest Cost Factor is the Vehicle Type

Compared to other spare parts, a new suspension and shock absorbers are relatively cheap. But the price depends in particular on the vehicle type.

In order to be able to guarantee your safety and driving comfort, we only use top-quality parts equipment and the latest, state of the art technology.

In optimal conditions (smooth-running screws, no rusting, etc.), our skilled experts can change a shock absorber fairly quickly. If additional work on the suspension, the steering or the drive shaft is necessary, it will certainly take a bit longer. If you have noticed a change in your car's driving behaviour lately or just want your vehicle's suspension checked from time to time, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to have a look and give some expert advice.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01909 485397 or send us a message using our Online Contact Form.

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