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Timing Belt replacement tends to be an expensive exercise that appears to make little difference to how a car runs, although failure and trying to live without it might prove impossible. Therefore, 1 Stop Tyre & Service Centre advises that the outlay is both worthwhile and essential.

What are the costs of a Belt Breakage?

In an interference-type engine, timing belt failure usually causes the pistons to collide with the inlet and exhaust valves. At the very least, the valves will be bent and the engine’s cylinder head will need to be removed to replace them. In some cases, pistons can be holed, cylinder heads can be damaged and camshafts can be broken. To repair a severely damaged modern engine, the cost will be several hundreds maybe thousands of pounds and a full replacement unit may prove to be the most economical solution.

In many cases, a driver will not notice any difference in the car’s performance after a timing belt change but, fortunately, most people will find that the extra peace of mind is well worth the additional periodic outlay.

When Should I replace the Timing Belt

Most car manufacturers specify time and mileage intervals but these stipulations are for whatever arrives first. If your car is ten years-old but has only covered 10,000 miles and the manufacturer’s interval is 10-years or 100,000 miles, do not try to eke out the belt’s life further, because the belt deteriorates with the passing of time. Certain models experience timing belt failure prior to the interval being reached. Therefore, seek the advice and experience of 1 Stop Tyre & Service Centre.

Worn timing belts tend to fail at sudden engine speed changes, such as moving off, changing gear, or revving the engine in neutral. As diesel cars have their emissions tested during an MOT Test, by the engine being revved to its maximum speed, an examiner may enquire if the timing belt has been changed recently.

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